We are a family run local business established in 1965.

All aspects of driveways and patios undertaken including:
Block Paving • Tarmac • Concrete • gravel • Natural Stone • Patio Slabs

Each individual driveway carried out from the customers inspiration and need.
Catering for members of the public and commercial clientele.


Block paving for driveways is a popular choice due to the many different colours and almost countless different designs that can be created to suit and enhance each individual property’s appearance.

We supply the best materials for the job, creating paving work that has a professional fitting and is in keeping with the rest of your property. Our workers are able to advise you on the products available, and, once this has been decided, design the whole project for you before carrying out the work with a professional and efficient approach. Whether for a driveway or a patio, at a domestic or commercial site, our friendly team of experts will install only the best quality paving for your property.


Our extensive expertise in creating patio designs and undertaking patio installation covers projects in residential, commercial and public locations. This experience ranges from undertaking relatively simple small scale assignments to dealing with complex patio designs involving steps and other hard landscaping features.

We have a highly qualified team of patio installers that understands both the practical and aesthetic benefits of using different materials for different locations. Rather like decorating a room, choosing the right textures and colour shades can greatly enhance an external space.

It is also important to select the building materials that would be appropriate for what the patio area will be used for. A commercial, retail or public space attracting a large footfall and potentially significant wear and tear will require a totally different installation solution to a quiet corner of a family garden!


Why do it yourself when you can call the experts? It takes more than elbow grease to shift all of the grime and we have the experience and professional equipment to restore outdoor areas to their former glory.

Our long list of domestic and commercial customers is proof that we get results every time without fail, with previous clients reporting amazing results, great value for money and the highest standard workmanship. So rather than suffer looking at dirty surfaces any longer, why not call in the professionals?

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