A garden is so much more than just an outdoor area. It’s an extension of your home, your lifestyle: YOU.

Noah's Tree Services specialise in a wide range of garden landscaping services, tackling the jobs you haven’t got the time or expertise to manage yourself.

So whether you’re after a complete garden transformation, a low maintenance gravel garden or just some new fencing or turfing, why not let us do the hard work for you? Getting the stunning garden you want just might be easier than you think.


Are you looking to have some gravel installed for your driveway? Or perhaps you would like a pathway to be gravelled or an area within your outdoor space to become a decorative eye-catching space for your ornamental water feature?

Decorative gravel can add that all important finishing touch to any outdoor space, adding a real wow factor. We supply and install a vast range of gravel aggregates that are perfect around borders of paved areas and between paving stones.

Gravel comes in a wide variety of colours and sizes and has a variety of uses- whether it is to create an amazing eye-catching driveway or to give a new look to an existing driveway, paths or patio areas look amazing gravelled too! Or perhaps to enhance the appearance of a border or flower bed! Our experienced, creative tradesmen can advise every step of the way.


Create a lasting impression with top quality lawn turf. We can help revitalise any tired turf with expert installation and advice, helping you create a lawn that complements your property. Our advisers have many years of experience in the industry, and can offer key guidance and tips; get in touch today to find out more about our services and products, or to book your free, no obligation site survey.

To create your perfect lawn, contact us today and let us get your project off the ground, starting with an initial site survey.

Walls & Steps

Brick Steps
To complete your garden, patio or driveway we can build and install steps to suit your installation. Whether it’s garden steps, a decorative door step or just to create a raised area we can help. We can use any mixture of bricks, slabs and cobbles to create the steps to perfectly match your garden or driveway.

• Add extra levels to your garden
• Decorative brick door step
• Block paving steps

Brick wallsAs part of our driveway and garden landscaping service we can install and build a wall to fit around your garden or drive to blend perfectly with your property. Walls can be built to any size, height or shape. We’ll build a wall that will last and we use only the best quality bricks and materials.

• Garden Wall Installations
• Local family run business
• Specialist driveway installers
• Over 50 years experience in the trade

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